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Initial investment: $400,000

From: Moscow

Team: 7 people

Activity: 3D scanning of the human body for selecting clothes in stores

The startup is a subsidiary of Russian Texel, a producer of the fastest 3D scanner in the world. In the summer of 2016 Texel Graphics launched a pilot project and installed its 3D scanner in the Mega Belaya Dacha retail chain owned by IKEA, and in several days it helped 20,000 people select clothes.

«Customers are scanned in 30 seconds and the program, which is based on a neural network, tries to find them clothes suitable for their figures and budget among all the brands available at any given store,» said Mikhail Dorokhov, the company’s founder. The startup plans to analyze a customer’s habits and preferences, and show the data to retail centers and brands.

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