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Initial investment: $17,000

From: Moscow/Kaliningrad

Team: 3 people

Activity: masks and scarves with technological filters

«We invented protective masks with designer prints because the usual medical masks on sale at pharmacies do not look nice, and in Russia they are associated with illness,» said Vasily Bykov, the startup’s founder.

The company was created in the summer of this year, and by the end of September it sold about 10,000 carbon-filter masks. The startup originally obtained the technology from its Japanese partner. The company, however, plans to produce new masks in Kaliningrad with its own technology that uses plated silver ions.

«These masks have a disinfecting effect and, unlike the carbon ones, they can be washed and used many times,» said Bykov. The fashionable and technological masks cost $2 to $8, depending on the material. In addition, the startup is developing technology for designer scarves with filters.

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